Download Flipitile
Download Flipitile

When you get stressed out, when life gets you down, when you feel like you're going to flip out, try playing a game of Flipitile instead!

The image above show a very simple puzzle. Each tile has a Gold side and a Blue side, and each side of the tile has either a star image in the middle or dots in the four corners. The tiles are semi-transparent, so you can see the images that are on both sides of each tile, darker on the front and lighter for the images on the backs of the tiles.

To flip a tile, you just left-click on it.  The ‘gotcha’ is that when you flip a tile, it will also flip any of the four adjacent (up/down, left/right) tiles that have the same image on the front of the tile.

There are eight different puzzle sizes: 3x3, 5x3, 4x4, 4x6, 6x6, 10x6, 10x10 and 16x10.  Another aspect of the game is trying to solve the puzzles in the fewest number of flips.  To make this part of the game even more fun, the three smallest puzzle sizes (3x3, 5x3 and 4x4) include information showing you the absolute minimum number of flips with which each puzzle can be solved.  Can you solve them in the minimum number of flips?  Are you really that good?  Do you have the Right Stuff?  Oooh, the gauntlet has been thrown down!  Each puzzle size has 65,536 different puzzles and several different image sets (in case you have a problem with stars and dots).

Please consider downloading the shareware (demo) version and try it out.  It has 10 puzzles in each of the 8 types, a total of 80 puzzles you can play for free!

The demo is fully functional, but has a limited number of puzzles.

Download the MS Windows demo version
Download the Mac OS X (10.4 or greater) version
The current version is 1.0.


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Download Flipitile
Download Flipitile

The demo and licensed versions are identical, except that the demo version has limited numbers of puzzles, and the licensed version may have additional support files (like extra image sets). So, if the demo version works for you, the licensed version will, too. If the demo version doesn't work for you, neither will the licensed version.

Generally, you don't need to un-install a demo version before installing the licensed version. The licensed version will install right over the top of the demo version and use all of the settings you've already created with the demo version.

NOTE: You can not upgrade your licensed version by installing a newer demo version over the top of the licensed version. You would just end up with a demo version.