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    • Which game was it?
      And under what name was it purchased? (I checked my records for
      “Luella White” and didn’t find any, perhaps another family member’s
      name was attached to the order?)

      Let me know more info, and I’ll be glad to try to help. It would be easier and better to email me at everett@kaser.com.

  1. I love your games … I bought the complete set many years ago (2009) and still plat them often.

    A question … does having purchased the entire set of games entitle me to a discount on new games? The “whole shebang” costs the same now, but includes more games.



    • The Complete Games purchase is for whatever games are available at that moment. The price has increased (slowly) over the years, so while the price is the same now as it was when you purchased your set, it won’t necessarily always be that way. However, as long as I have an email address on file for your purchase, I do send out email offers when new games are released, offering the new games at a discount from the regular price (usually $15 for a download, $20.00 for a CD, so $4.95 off the regular price).


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